Thursday, November 09, 2006



This morning I woke up, did the normal check outside for snow thing, and got on the computer to check water levels. When I saw the page, I freaked out… More or less every river on the page was HIGH or at FLOOD STAGE. WHOA. That happened fast…

Rivers out here on the West Coast are blowing up! More like out actually. The Little North Santiam, which usually tops out at 3,000 cfs is at 15,000 cfs! The White Salmon is at 16 ft and rising, compared to the normal 3-4 feet. The river was at 3 feet two days ago! And today it’s at 16 feet! AH! Lake Creek (the creek with epic play that we like to tell people does not exist) is at 18.5 feet and rising! The Breitenbush is at 5,000 cfs compared to 1800! Everything is EXPLODING!

Photo by: Kim Russell

This is Condit Dam on the White Salmon at about 2 feet. No water is spilling over River Left and there is little water going over at the base of the picture. (Two days ago, the day looked something like this, only with a tad more water).

Photo by: Brandon Backman

This is Condit Dam today at about 16 feet. CRAZY!

Roads are blowing out everywhere. Highway 35, the highway you take from Mt. Hood to Hood River, which has the East Fork of the Hood running alongside is underwater in some sections, so that has been closed. Apparently, Hood River has never seen this much rain! EVER! Most roads over on the coast are closed due to random mudslides and the road being underwater.

Swells in the Pacific off Oregon are expected to reach a 20 feet by tomorrow. Again, WOW!

This is insane! HAHA. Only, Bend is getting relatively NO rain compared to everywhere else. What is up with that!

All I know is there is some weird weather out here in the Northwest! As long as the whole state doesn’t end up underwater, life is good! Well actually, if it does, we could just paddle everywhere. Ha. It could work!

Anyway, who knows what is going to happen tomorrow! It’s time for me to get some plans together to go play in some chocolaty brown rivers this weekend!

Stay safe out there!


Photo by: Brandon Backman

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