Tuesday, October 05, 2010

Playing Hookie

Yes...I did it...but my teachers were cool with it ;) There was a good reason!
Josh's sister just delivered her first baby girl last Wednesday morning at 5:59am and Josh and I headed back to Bend for the event. While we were down there, we decided to go boatin'...YAY!!!
Here are some picks of our boatin...enjoy! We did a Dillon to Lava at about 1350cfs...nice and fluffy :)

PS Bend has CLEAN air. Holy cow. Atleast, coming from PDX, it sure smells fantastic!
PSS I forgot how bad the lava rock is on my boat!

Coming in to Lava one- the 'great swirly' (it only get's worse as the flow goes up)

Onward to Lava 2!
I think I remember how to do this.... Lava 2
Lava 2...AKA the rapid that will hand you your a$# if you aren't on top of it!
It felt amazing to be back in my boat. It made me realize just how much I love love love paddling. This may sound silly but it feels like there's a hole in my heart when I am not out paddling. :( Soooo this trip made the world look much better. Can't wait to get back out there! Halloween Truss paddle here I come! :D

Stay wet out there and enjoy fall!