Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Huckin' it on the Wind River

Graduation to Big- Kid Kayaks…Hucks
By: Christina Russell
November 2,2006

Photos copyrighted by: Christina Russell, Kim Russell

As the sun rose over Bend, Kim and I pulled into the freight station to pick up some valuable cargo- our brand spankin’ new Liquidlogic Hucks. We had officially graduated to “big-kid kayaks” as our friends had declared. Our plan was to run the Green Truss on this trip but we first needed creek boats…we hear kayaks are an important element in the sport of whitewater kayaking (but we could be wrong).

We hopped out of the car and ran to the open cargo bay to retrieve the boats from two confused employees. They couldn’t figure out what the fuss was about…even after we had unwrapped them.

“Are those kayaks? Where do you go with them?” They asked.

“Yes they are. Brand spankin’ new!!! Um…you take them on the rivers….”
(Sometimes we wonder about people and their knowledge of kayaking.)

Kim unwrapped her “mighty green” Huck first as I watched.

Apparently Liquidlogic got the memo that the lime green color isn’t just sweet- it’s MIGHTY!

As Kim was enjoying her new creek boat, I attacked the wrap job on my kayak….

With our big kid boats in hand, and strapped to the roof of the truck, we began our journey up to the Hood!

That’s a lot of watermelons….

“Kim pull up next to it and I’ll make like Spiderman onto the truck and grab a melon for us…mwhahahahha!”

We arrived to the Hood in the early afternoon and decided to head over to the Wind River once more before the Truss- which unfortunately we have no photos of. Our first run down the Green Truss was a “business run”…the camera stayed locked up in the back of my kayak…as did the video camera. So for this blog, I will post photos from our run down the Wind.  We will be following up with some photos from the Green Truss this winter!

On the Wind

Kim Russell on the first drop of Shiphards’ Falls
Photo by Christina Russell

Christina Russell testing the boofability of the Huck on Shiphards’ Falls
Photo by Kim Russell

Our good friend Brandon Backman
Photos by Kim Russell

Christina Russell dropping the second tier
Photo by Brandon Backman

Who’s the Jefe?!
Photo by Christina Russell

Brandon Backman on the first tier
Photo by Christina Russell

After a mellow run on the Wind River, the three of us headed for Mexican food back in Hood River before heading out for an evening run on the Green Truss….

That afternoon we headed out for the Green Truss…but that story is best saved for another time…Kim will be posting an article on our run down the Truss…..
Until then, this is Christina Russell, over and out for lunch!!! More coffeeeee!

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