Monday, January 29, 2007

Some new art...

Hey everyone!

I just wanted to post a couple new art pieces because they were recieved so well the first time around :) Thanks to everyone for your support by the way....

Kim and I have been pretty busy with the boating but stayin local because of weather and school. As people get back in town we are planning on running the Middle Deschutes...a fun 20 miles of class 4+ which will be chill. Gorgeous scenery too. Im dying to get on the East Fork of the Lewis so we'll see how that goes....

Welp I have more artwork posted on my site so Check it out if you feel like it:

Hasta pasta ! ;)

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Dillon Falls Video and Pictures!

Here's some more photos from our Dillon Falls to Bend trip last week. Hope you enjoy!

Dillon Falls - Christina (Footage By: Josh McKeown)

Dillon Falls - Kim (Footage by Josh McKeown)

Here's some cool sequence shots (All taken by: Pete Erickson, The Bulletin, Photographer)

Christina in her Huck (left) and me in my Vision 44 (right)

Adam Craig in his Ronin 59 (Below)

John Cramp in his Pop (left) and Josh McKeown in his Jefe (right)


Singin' to Cher at the put-in

Most of the crew scouting Dillon Falls (From Left to Right: John Cramp, Christina Russell, Kim Russell)

Awesome lighting at the put-in

John Cramp scouting from the top

Dill Hole (the super sticky hole below the drop)- Taken by Kim Russell in the summer

Kim Russell

Dillon Falls to Bend

By: Christina Russell
Date: January 26, 2007

Christina scouting the left side of Dillon Falls
Photo- courtesy of The Bulletin

Yesterday my sis, John Cramp, Adam Craig, Josh McKeown and I spent our afternoon paddling on the ever so popular Deschutes River.
Our original plan was to run Dillon Falls for a photographer from the Bulletin. The five of us met at the Dillon Falls, put in and headed down to check out the flow. Our photographer set up at the lip of the falls for the best shots.

Dillon Falls is a horseshoe shaped waterfall just downstream of several miles of flatwater. For this reason, many canoeists have taken a dip by surprise. It can be run off the left side or the right. Left: If you go this way, make sure you have a strong boof- if you miss it, you hit a rock shelf the protrudes out into the landing zone. Sweet line though :) And best of sets you up for Dill Hole immediately after (If you missed Kim's previous post on Dillon, you should know that Dill Hole is a friggin sticky hole-read: massive trashing). Right: Basically hug the right side and you hit an auto boof.

At any rate, all of us with the exception of Josh opted to hit up the left line...Josh happens to have a good relationship with the right side :). Everyone had great lines...and as John Cramp said: "you technically dont go over if your head stays above water" John- we like your style.

After about two drops, we decided that we would head downstream. I should mention that while we were hiking back up to run Dillon a second time, we concluded it would be sweet to run Dillon Falls all the way to Bend...9 miles in a little over two hours. In retrospect, this was pushing it, seeing that the sun sets here at 5:15.

L to R: Josh M, Kim Russell, Christina Russell, and John Cramp
Photo: courtesty of The Bulletin

Immediately following Dillon Falls is the Class 4 Dillon Canyon. BAsically busy water with a couple HUGE holes as the water level increases. We plowed on through it and had the pleasure of paddling 2 miles of flatwater before hitting Big Eddy and Lava Island Falls. (If you have been keeping up with the posts, you will know what Lava Falls is.) If not, Lava is a class 4/5 section just below the rafter's Big Eddy. What makes it so dangerous is the lava tubes and sharp lava rock you deal with in the event of a swim.

We arrived at the top of Lava Island falls at around hour of light left with about 7 miles to go...WOO HOOO! There was basically no stopping other than applying wax to paddles.

Meadowcamp surprisingly had enough water in it and the diversion pipe was actually shootin' water! For once, the water isn't being diverted via canals. Diversion Dam and Amazing were big and fluffy as usual. The last rapid is the "race" rapid where I serve as race official and Adam and Kim race down. Adam currently has the advantage: 2-1.

We arrived at the take-out just as it got dark. Temps immediately dropped and our pfd's began to freeze up. Yeah right about then, we decided that fleece pants and a heated car sounded REALLY nice.

*Note: I apologize for the lack of photos on this blog. I was unable to upload due to a computer issue with Blogger. hmmmmmmm trying to fix it now. HOpe you enjoy the only two photos up here! As soon as the problem is fixed, there will be more photos and video for ya!

Happy Paddling!

-Christina Russell

Thursday, January 18, 2007

Riverhouse Dam at 950 cfs!

Here's some video of the put-in dam on the Riverhouse run on the Deschutes River. The run itself is about 6 miles long with some cool Class IV pool-drop rapids. Unlike the upper section of the Deschutes in Bend (Benham Falls, Dillon Falls, and Meadow Camp) this section had much less exposed lava rock and people like to think it’s less harsh on the boats, Bodies too….

Back to the video... the dam is about 30 ft, and usually run on river right. This time, the water was up enough that the right side created a river-wide super sticky super gnarly hold you for a long time HOLE. We decided to run instead along the bank between a downed tree on the right and a boulder on the left and save ourselves from the trash-factor. The dam itself seems to be angled towads the left bank, so dropping in you have to move maybe two feet farther right than you should if you want to end up in the right spot by the bottom. Def. interesting lining up, but it's fun. And you should do it. Cuz it's fun. :)

Kim and Christina running the Riverhouse Dam...

(Footage shot by: Josh Mckeown)

Here are some more photos from a recent Riverhouse Run in about 12 degrees. Due to the amount of after-school runs Christina and I are doing on this section, we aren't posting a blog everytime, but here are some cool photos of the cold...haha.


Fuzzy socks pretty much ROCK

Our straps were frozen and we couldn't get our pfd's off!

Even more ice..... (The ice went about 8 inches below the surface!)

Josh Mckeown and his icicles! (All Photos by Kim Russell)

Hope everyone is staying warm!

Kimberly Russell

Sunday, January 07, 2007

Shred Sesh: Mt. Bachelor and Juniper Pool

What do you do when it's ten degrees outside and it's too cold to enjoy boating?

You go skiing!

You know it's a good day when you wake up to the text, “Bachelor?”

and, that’s what I had this morning :)

I’ve been taking a slight break from boating (4 days), and been skiing my arse off. We’ve had quite the epic powder, and today is the first day of clear blue sky! WOHOO! Got to take advantage of it when it comes around...

I met up with Adam Craig around 9:30 am and skied till about 2pm when we decided to make our way into town to do some boatin’ at Juniper Pool.

Every Sunday from 4:30-6:30, Juniper Pool in Bend, Oregon opens their doors to kayakers. Check out some pictures and video from a recent pool session....

Kim Bow-Stallin' the Pocket Rocket

Photo By: Christina Russell

Christina throwin' down the Vision 44'

Photo By: Josh Mckeown

Kim be Bobbin' Bobbin' Bouncin' Bouncin'

Photo By: Christina Russell

Christina finishin' up her throw...

Photo by: Josh Mckeown

Here's a little bit of video... cartwheel into a very screwed up loop-attempt. Got a long way to go... haha. We'll keep takin' vid. as we tell each other we are getting closer...

I suck at loops

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