Thursday, March 11, 2010

Team Liquidlogic Mellowin' Out on the Rogue River

Here's a trip I never posted photos from. Liquidlogic got on the Rogue River during some FANTASTIC weather and had the best river trip ever. Saw some BIG black bears, BIG ticks and BIG salmon. Fortunately the ticks were NOT on us and neither were the bears ;P

We opted for a purely rafting trip and left our kayaks behind...I know...crazy huh? Turned out to be the way to go. The river level was pretty low and we got the opportunity to row a friend's Puma. We are looking to invest in a raft and wanted to see what we thought of a smaller raft vs the larger rafts....conclusion- we want a bigger raft...Aire 15 footer. Heck yes!

Here's the highlights from the trip :) Enjoy and PLEASE call if you need extra paddlers...gear boaters :D

(Below) the put-in!!!
(Below) Our first campsite :)
(Below) the jump rock was jumpable...unlike last time
(Below) My turn jumping!

Below) Breakfasts always tastes better on the Rogue! Josh cooks a MEAN breakfast :)
(Below) Check out my Newt! He was sooo cute!
Below) Mule Creek Canyon...a calm spot

This is my favorite river in the world to do a multi day on and I am living for my break this August when I can get back on the Rogue. Get out on your own trip and enjoy every minute!