Thursday, April 01, 2010

Team Liquid Logic on Ravens

Nestled in the heart of the Appalachians in the Great Smoky National Park is a river. A river called Raven Fork. Within this river are all things that are good. No Baileys though. The hike in is only slightly grueling, just be sure to not fall into one of the massive holes between the boulders.

Myself and some of my closest friends just got this river twice in two days. A pretty intense two days if I do say so myself. With perfect levels on Monday we hiked in. Even though we knew it would be a little chilly for a bit. Still raining we were able to make the best of the best river in the southeast. With my brand new Liquid Logic Jefe ready to go run the SH!T!

The first rapid of the day is Anaconda. A very scary rapid that slithers through rocks and has made some huge undercut rocks. Keegan Grady boofing through the top drop.
Isaac LevinJoo boofing his way into Anaconda.
There is a waterfall on this run, among other things. This is Big Boy. Two years ago this rapid successfully broke my nose and put me off of waterfalls for a bit. 35 feet into a landing pad that is about ten feet wide. Pretty scary. Isaac went first and came out with a bloody nose, not broken though.
Evan Garcia (EG the Killa) stylin the Big Boy.
Isaac enjoying his day on this fantastic river about to drop into the ring.
EG goin for it.
Walking into the ring with Mike Tyson.
Almost getting knocked out by Mike Tyson. EG is a Jedi
Keegan entering Mike Tysons

Stylin it!

All in all day one was awesome. Day two was even better, but I don't have the pictures yet. We had a great crew of guys out there and even with a few wrecks or hole surfs everyone came out well. Check back soon for a sweet video and more awesome pictures.