Friday, April 17, 2009

It Finally Rained in the Southeast!

So its been a while but it really did, finally, rain in the southeast. With the arrival of Liquid Logic team member and Demshitz boy, Evan Garcia, the rains started falling. Due to my work schedule I was sleep deprived, stayed up all night, and ready to get some whitewater boat riding in!!! I packed up my gear and drove to the put in to the Toxaway, a run that is one of the most unique of the southeast. Well needless to say, it was running, so in the pouring rain, on the side of the road I begain making the calls. Evan Garcia, Jon Grace, Pat Keller, Isaac Levinson,Grahm Seiler and Drew Duvall all got to the takeout and we got the shuttle run and finally got on the river. Evan Garcia gettin him some at the putin slide of the Toxaway.The boys all fired up that we finally got on this fantastic river. Pat Keller, Drew Duvall, and Evan Garcia.
Jon Grace on the first sick slide called Mini Gizer. Which, after a small portage around the mank-ity-mank is followed by Energizer.
The best, longest, rapid on this river. Its like being on a really sick as rollercoaster. With water splashing up on your face the whole time. Of corse, Adriene comes out with a little injury after a rapid called Feeding Trough. It was a good deep cut no need for stitches though. Just got to go to work with a black eye the next day. Guess I should have been wearing my sick as Shred Ready full face helmet.
Photo by Shane Benedict
So, after the 4 mile hike out of the Toxaway that almost killed me. I headed back to my cosy house with the devil dogs and slept like a baby. The next day I met up with Shane Benedict and Robin Betz for some high water kayking on the backyard run the Green River. Shane liked making fun of my eye, so here I am modeling it off in my AWESOME pink IR union suit with the drop seat, and my Paris Hilton sunglasses. Photo by Shane Benedict
My beautiful Ice Blue Liquid Logic Jege has to my most favorite-est boat on the market right now. She paddles so smooth, like a babys butt. Pictured above is Go Left on the Green River.
Photo By Shane Benedict
My big sister, my mentor, Robin Betz styling the right line at Sunshine.
Photo by Shane Benedict
And here I am not so styling the left line at Sunshine. Good thing the river was at 13 inches!!!
Hope this blog post finds everyone in 70 degree weather. :-)

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