Sunday, September 30, 2007

Back to school and back to winter kayaking

We officially had our first snowfall here in central Oregon. Got a few inches of snow up in the mountains and it was COLD today. High of around 45 . tomorrow it's supposed to be cold again and rainy...yes! The rivers are coming back!!! My life is instantly better :D I've officially started my CNA class and will be working at the hospital...check the shift: monday wednesday friday 2pm -10pm wow. Then I have a literature class. Other than that Im trying to enjoy fall/winter :)

The other day I went up to Lava Island Falls for a nice morning run with John Cramp. The level was on the lower end ...1400 cfs but it's always fun. Today I went back out with Adam Craig for a Dillon Falls to Lava Falls evening run- just before the snow. Yes- I said snow. We are supposed to have some in Bend and I believe it. Rivers are coming in over in the Eugene area too so you know what that means....ROAD TRIP! :) I'll post some pics here soon but I didnt get any pics from today :( It was pouring rain and I didnt want to ruin my time!

Hope you guys are having a sweet time with the rain...oh and good luck to everyone with the Green Race! :D


Sunday, September 09, 2007


The best thing happend this week! The CHICO and GRANDE Jefes arrived to Colorado.
Yeah, Colorado doesn't have much water left for the year, but I didn't care one bit when the JEFE CHICO rolled into the store. Dave and I decided to go paddle Pine Creek/Numbers to test the new JEFEs out. Dave was in the Grande and I paddled the CHICO.

This is what I thought...

The outfitting is so sweet! Talk about comfy! I didn't want to get out of the CHICO after the run was over. No aches or pains in my lower back or hips!

It took me maybe 3 minutes to change the bulk head and everything else was already set for me. The hip pads are set perfectly, and the padding on the cockpit rim will finally leave me bruise free on the elbows when I'm paddling, and the shoulders when I'm carrying. Now I feel more excited about running the Black because there's lots of portaging that will be made easier. The backband still allows your lower back to be in a neutral state, and the hip pads ride on the hip where they are supposed to be, not too low like a lot do. I can tell LL spent many hours, days, and years getting the outfitting dialed down to be the best outfitting on the market! Way to go guys.

The first thing I thought as I paddled down Pine Creek, was how short the Chico felt. I have been paddling a Jefe for the last year, so it was pretty crazy that I thought the CHICO was short, but as soon as I started hitting every eddy on the river, I knew instantly that the CHICO is my new "love"!

I weigh about 135, 5'7, wide hips, and have size 9 feet. The boat fit me perfect. Dave loved the Grande, he is 205, 6'1, size 11 feet, he felt like the boat was made for him!

So yes, the river was not epic, but trying out the new JEFES made this the best day on the river in 2007! Here we come Black Canyon, and hopefully this fall the Liquidlogic territory!


Lisa Marie