Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Paddling with the Pregnant Ladies

Preggy Chicks go paddling.

Some people stop paddling when they are pregnant but what better way to spend the day, than to head to the Green River, it’s running 100 percent and so we do.
Kara has headed south to Asheville for her baby Shower, she is 7 months pregnant and I happen to be halfway through the 3rd month of the second baby.

It’s relatively cold out there but Sarah, Kara, Shana, Woody, Shaun, Whitney and I make up the crew. I think the others just want to see if you can still really paddle when you are pregnant and have a good laugh.

At the put in of the upper, just below the power house, Kara pulls and tugs her dry top over her belly and has moved into large spray skirt and Johns pants. I can still fit into all my gear but the day is drawing tenuously near when my paddling pants will no longer make it around my middle. Which makes me think, hurry up springtime; we need warm weather paddling out here!

I am paddling a sort after Hefe, and Kara is in a little Jo, perfect boats for us. Pregnancy brings an increase in weight and a substantial often-alarming change of your centre of gravity. So although we are on a class three stretch I tell you, these boats are perfect!

After maneuvering in to her little Jo, and ferrying across the river, adapting to that centre of gravity change which hits you on the eddy lines as you peel in. Kara as per usual heads out with style and grace even thought there is a large protuberance out the front of her.

We follow Woody who knows the perfect line through every single rapid on the Green, and that would be whether you want to run Gorilla or a class two no name on the upper. Sarah however is glued to Whitney’s stern and no other line will do. (Yeh Whitney!)

Exiting the main drop, Kara flips over at the bottom, we collectively hold our breaths, she rolls up effortlessly with a grin on her face and states “We’ll I was not sure if I could do that! We sure are glad that she can.

We have a great run down to big hungry creek; In between rapids there is enough time to yap about the pros and cons of paddling pregnant. Both of us agree, It’s one of those things that feels natural, once you are in a boat you feel suspended and relaxed, at ease feels wonderful to be out paddling.

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Maria Noakes
5 months plus pregnant.