Thursday, November 09, 2006

Christina's Paddle Graphics

Paddle Graphics-
By:Christina Russell

Hey well I thought I would show you guys what I've been working on lately... PADDLE GRAPHICS! It takes a bit of time but most of that is spent designing. I would tell you how to do it but then I would have to kill you...mwhahahhaha ;). Basically from start to finish it takes 6 hours.

*Just FYI...All designs are copyrighted Christina Russell*

Here are some pics of a paddle I finished for the AT Team. (The grey on the paddle is actually silver leafing)

AT wanted a "guys" blade and a "gals" blade which ='s flowers...ugh

Oh yeah I experiemented on my helmet...the graphics have held up GREAT!

Anyhoooooo the paddle graphics are so fun to do! I'm still trying to find the best sealant....the one I'm currently using is tempremental.

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