Monday, May 16, 2011

Oh Spring, How I Love You.

So this year has been a pretty slow start for my paddling. Im not paddling as much as I normally do since I am now back in Paramedic school here in Asheville full time. I still do paddle more than the average weekend warrior. Above is Mark Zwick. Of Zwick's Backender, on the Green River right here in North Carolina. Which, to clear it up, he really told me it was a forward ender because he was backwards once he hit the hole at the bottom. Hes living over by the NOC where we were for the first annual Cascades Race!

This race was awesome. Its all road side and we had bout 22 people come out for it. Check out that coverage on . Just gonna say for the record, Liquid Logic swept the field by taking 5 out of the first 6 places.... including myself.
have also been "training" on the side for a 26 mile road bike race that goes up the notorious 17 switchbacks of Green River Cove Rd. Jerrys Baddle is a race down the whole Green River Narrows and then jump on a bike and head around a 26 mile loop that goes through historic Saluda NC , up and down some huge hills, and finishes next to the river. Its also a fundraiser for ALS so the entrance fee goes to a good cause! P.S. the river was a bit higher that usual so there was definately a pucker effect going on prior to the race., as you can see from the photo above.

Since the Green River is my home river I am out there a lot. Especially lately with school really cramping my style. So one day last weekend Shane surprized me with this awesome BRIGHT PINK Jefe. I was so excited! It even matches my fingernail polish. Immediately, my style came back.

Riding high on the Flying Squirrel above Gorilla, spotting my landing for a hopefully clean run through the Notch.

All of us here in the Southeast are enjoying the sun and the warm weather. We are already wearing shorties on the river and almost too hot! Woody is wearing his spring cotton by now.

Sunshine! Airing it out.
Releived I made it through one more day on the Green River in my awesome Pink boat.

So now the question is, how do ya'll like it? Would you paddle one? Give us your feedback and also at the same time check out the awesome black ops colors that we are doing coming in June!!!

Now that its warm here and I am on a short break from school I went to the Ocoee over the weekend and I also started this new thing, called "mountain biking" its really fun. :-)

Hope its warm where you all are!! Happy paddles.

I leave you all with this awesome photo of the breakfast that I ate the day of the Green Race last year. Breakfast of champions clearly.

All photos by Shane Benedict himself.