Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Hace mucho frio en Oregon!

Josh and I headed out this afternoon for a nice local paddle in the snow. It 's been pretty friggin cold out here and the mountain is finally getting the snow it needs! The rivers are still a tad low so with that and the finals I have this week, I am stayin' local. We opted for the standard Dillon through Lava. The flow was around 560 cfs so the drops had a lot of F.U. rocks to avoid. I guess on Josh's last run down, one of his buddies managed to put a huge hole in his boat! Not cool.

This was my second run in my Jefe Chico so it was nice to get more time to figure it out. I absolutely love it! It boofs like a champ, resurfaces quickly, and carries a tons of speed! prety different from the Huck but Im getting used to it.....ha ha yeah Im getting used to it :)

So...behold! The first shot I have of Lava 1...this section if ya cant remember is directly below Dillon Falls(Above) Lava 1- top part

(Above) me on the lower portion of Lava 1

(Above) me testing my new Jefe Chico on Dillon- she's fantabulous!

(Above: Running through Dill Hole)

(Above) josh boofing Dillon in HIS Jefe ha ha go Liquidlogic! :D

(Above) He is a happy camper fo sho

We took our time with taking pics and enjoying the weather. It was cold but the snow was awesome. My dog Pepper watched the car and when I got back, began to de-thaw my fingers...I am pogie-less now.... :(

yep, another fantastic day on the rio. Team Banana strikes again! mwhahahahha! Funny how we both have the same boat, same color :D

Till next time peoples!

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