Saturday, December 02, 2006

The Visions are here! The Visions are here!

The Visions are here! The Visions are here! WEEEEE! Last week, I drove up to Portland, Oregon to check out the University of Portland and pick up some shiny new toys, and look what I found!! :) she’s so purty! (Still in need of a name too, input anyone?) Ha, yes, Christina and I name our boats. Good times.

So, I went up to Portland to check out the college I thought I was going to go to, and it turns out, it isn’t the place for me. Kind of a bummer considering I had only applied to two schools, and now neither of them are fitting that well. Back to the drawing board……..Maybe University of Oregon in Eugene, Oregon or Humboldt State University in Arcata, California. (Working on applications right this second, but taking a breather :) )

Really, I haven’t posted for awhile, so I thought I’d say hi and see what everyone is up to! Boating much, or skiing even?! It has been dumping up at Mt. Bachelor this past week and a half, and the powder is insane! It’s like you’re snorkeling! Not really, but kind of!
(Tip: For all people thinking of going to Bachelor soon: the runs off Outback are the place to be right now!)

Photo by: Kim Russell’s cellular device (trippy huh? No idea why its blue tinted…oops)

I guess Mt. Baker (Northern Washington) received 130 inches in 7 days! WHOA! Yeah…. We have a lot of snow, and it’s been dumping so hard, it’s been kind of a non-motivator to go boat (22 degrees today and snowing). I have been super busy with school too (finals next week) ARG!!

So as far as testing out the new Vision, I haven’t had the greatest opportunity to get out and do some full on boating in it yet! AH! I have gotten to the pool a few times though :) weeeeeeee! In flatwater, the Vision is super fun! It’s uber-balanced, smooth and comfy. Initiation is easy and it goes from end-to-end nicely. I will admit, it is a little bit more work to throw around than the Pocket Rocket, but it’s just as fun and the boat has so much potential! I can’t wait to get out on the river in it! Till then though, Warm water and hot tubs will just have to do…. SWEET! At least till Thursday, then I will go nuts. HAHA. Have any of you ever taken your boat of a diving board? More specifically a high dive? We had the greatest idea to drop off the high dive (which isn’t really all that high), and throw a loop off the bounce, only it isn’t allowed in Bend. GRAR. Oh well.

Poll: What are the chances this would actually work (15 ft-ish)? We’re thinking if there isn’t someone on the board to ensure you don’t drop into the pool over-vert, then you will, and it will be a big OUCH!

We will never know the answer, at least using the high dive at Juniper Swim and Fitness Center here in Bend, Oregon. Oh well. Maybe we can do some co-vert operation at night and try it. They’ll never know! Mwuahahaha. Who’s with me?! Nah, not really.

I am hoping to get out and do some boating at some point this week between study sessions to really try out my new Vision 44, so I’ll post some pics when we head out.

In the mean time, here is some footage from a group that went out to Dillon Falls not too long ago!

In order of Appearance:

Mike Staley
John Small and son
Joyce Staley
Kim Russell

Dillon Falls on the Deschutes River, Bend Oregon (Footage taken by John Cramp)

Till later this week!


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