Sunday, December 03, 2006

Tis the season to decorate my new Vision 44! :)

By:Christina Russell
December 3, 2006

Welp, I am in the midst of finals here at Albertson College of Idaho. It is not more that 20 degrees outside but sunny. I have probably tried to get into the pool here for flatwater workouts ten times this week but each time there is a sports team practicing. There is NO schedule so you have to just show up and hope you can climb in. I haven't gotten to hop in my shiny new Vision yet! AHHH! As Kimmers said, "Im going crazy!" I have come up with a plan to sneak into the ppool at night and have it all to myself MWHAHAHHAHAHA.... wait did I say that out loud? I only have a week left until winter break which means...3 weeks of kayaking!!! YES!


-Lake Creek
-Green Truss
-all the good boating in Bend :) cuz Bend is best
-Clover play wave on the Mckenzie***
-Little North Santiam
-Sweet Creek
-Little Klickitat
-Canyon Creek
-Bryce Creek

...and many others that my dazed mind cannot recall...I just finished 5 hours of Spanish review. Onward to a primary resource for History...ROCK ON MING DYNATSY!

WAIT! Almost forgot. OK on Monday I looked out my window I saw this:

I dont know if this whole sheep migration normally occurs on the Caldwell main street but eh, it IS possible. I AM in Idaho.

As soon as winter break starts I will be posting lots of kayaking photos and footage so stay tuned :) Till then...this is Christina out and back to studying for one more week!

*BTW I want to say thank you Liquidlogic for all your support!!! WE LOVE YOU GUYS!!!!!!!

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