Saturday, May 15, 2010

Liquidlogic Remix Xp Field Test-Rogue River

Hi everyone! I've been out of the blogging world lately due to attending nursing school in Portland,Oregon....BUT before I know it, I'll be on to spring semester. WOO HOO!

Over this summer's break, I snagged a Remix XP 9 for a self-support trip down the Rogue River with Josh Mckeown. He was in the Remix XP 10 and between the two of us, we are proud to say, "We love the Remix XP's!". At first I was skeptical when I got it fully loaded- loaded meaning about 95 pounds for me and 120 for Josh. I wasn't sure how it would do, fully loaded down. BUT if Woody could take it down the Grand, I would be fine! PS for those of you that are shocked at the weight we had in the boats...let me just say that we had everything with us...including the luxuries. I know, I know but when you go down the Rogue, you HAVE to splurge. Take for example our crazy creek chairs and the S'mores. :)
The Remix Xp9 and 10 both have a ridiculously comfortable seating system that allows for maximum modification. If you need lots of hip foam, no problem (I had 7 foam slivers on each side ). If you need a booster pad, no problem. When it comes to loading gear, there are easy to open hatches. There is a LOT of room for food, gear...whatever you need. My boat turned in to the pantry/refrigerator. We put a cooler pack in the back of my boat for the refrigerated goods and loaded dry goods in Josh's boat. I had the tent, sleeping pad and bag at my feet. Stove and cooking goods were stashed right behind my seat. Thank goodness we didn't have anything to portage. It would have broken my back!

Let me just say that we had some wonderful beverages on board....

Coming up on Blossum Bar...
I went on a hike with my orange juice after Mule Creek Canyon...
This is what we did at night...he he he
Glow Poi! :)
Campsites are everywhere!

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