Tuesday, May 18, 2010

California of the Southeast

So we have been blessed here in the Southeast of the United States of America by all of the rain that we have gotten this spring. I was lucky enough to catch the elusive Toxaway river again this year. The crew hiking up to run the Put-In rapid.
Photo By Leland Davis
Adam and I at the Put-In slide doing an awesome headcam video that you can watch. This is literally the best put in rapid that I have ever run in my life.
Check out the video that Adam posted!
Photo by Leland Davis

Photo By Leland Davis
Myself, Evan Garcia, and Leland Davis. If you havn't checked out Leland and Adreas new book, it is definitely worth the money. It has the best runs in the country and around the continent!
Photo By Adam Bixby
A few months ago there was a deluge of rain and it caused a few massive landslides. Some on the roads (I-40 and the Ocoee road) and some were on the rivers. The Toxaway had a huge rock fall into a rapid called Pungee Stick, we have now renamed the rapid to Mini-Landbridge. This huge rock fell in perfectly flat to make seal launching ideal. Now its like a Magic Carpet Ride. Hey, some people do say that the Toxaway is Disney on crack....
Photo by Leland Davis
Going down!!! With the brown claw out.
Photo By Leland Davis
Energizer Rapid. From the top this rapid looks so good to go, then you look at it from the bottom. Photo by Adam BixbyEvan Garcia BRAPPING Energizer. This rapid is so massive.
Photo by Leland DavisOne of the last rapids of the day, Wintergreen. A sick off vertical 20 footer into a 60 foot fanned out slide.
Photo by Adam Bixby

All in all the whole crew was stoked on the day that we had. This is by far one of my favorite rivers in the southeast, even with the four mile hike out and the multiple portages.

See you on the water!

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