Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Jerrys Baddle 2009

It all started with some bikers, but really, they were waiting for their kayakers. No really, this race started with a man named Jerry Beckwith, for the people who have run the Green River in North Carolina, ya'll know the name, its on the plaque at the top of the hike around Gorilla. "I will run it, next time." Sadly Jerry passed away a few years ago of ALS. This race, Jerrys Baddle is for him, and his rememberance. So every year in the spring the kayakers get their long boats out and the bikers get their road bikes out and they come together. Or the real bad asses just do both the paddle of the Green River Narrows and the 26 mile road bike. Check out Shane Benedicts blog for more pics and more info on the race and who won!!! http://shanesliquidlogic.blogspot.com/ Here I am comming into the takeout after a grueling 43 minutes of hammering downstream. All photos by my mother who ya'll will meet soon!!The fist punch gettin my parter Bob High on the 26 mile bike ride all the way UP the road at Green River Cove Road. And hes OFF!!!! Bob kicked A$$ in the race and we ended up 3rd overall in the team event which is awesome. Huge thanks to Ashley and Brooks hookin me up with Bob, what an awesome person!!One happy girl, stoked to be done with the run and ready to bask in the sun next to the river and drink some brewskis!!!
This is Clayton Garr and Daniel Stewart (who works for LVM) who were fired up they could sit in the sun after their leisurely paddle down the river just to tap the hand of their unsuspecting bike rider, who was about to almost melt under the sun during the bike.The bikes all waiting in a nice line, awaiting the arrival of their peddlers. Whos bike is that with 2 tall boys of PBR? He might be hurting up those 18 switchbacks.....
After what seemed like forever, my biker finally came in and he did awesome!!! I was so stoked to have him as my partner he did great. Here he is reminessing about the ride he just did and how damn hot it was riding the whole way. He was pretty fired up to have a nice cool river right next to the end of the run!!!!AHHHH. What the body needs to rejuvinate! Friendship!! We ended up going to Green River BBQ in Saluda that night with a huge group of people and then we found ourselves dancing, thats right dancing, at the Purple Onion all night long. What a great way to make friends and have an amazing day outside!!! By the way Bob and I had never met till the day of Jerrys Baddle. We had a great time!!!!!

Hope the weather where yall are is as good as the weather down here in Flat Rock North Carolina!!! See you on the river!


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