Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Flow's are Goin' Up!

YEAH! Flows are comin' up! Here are a couple pics we got the other day from Tyler Prinz. Tyler and Kelly Prinze were out to watch us paddle with their two crazy dogs, Ogie and Makita (see below).

(Above) Ogie on the left and Makita on the right

(Above) chuck it Tyler!

Local flows are now at over 2100 cfs...these shots were taken as it was rising at 1350. This canyon in Bend is super fun as it fills out a bit. It continues on down through Lava. We will have headcam footage up soon of Lava at summer flow which is an entirely different animal. First I have to get over the flu! Why oh why do I always get sick when it is nice out? Atleast I have the boats to stare at in the livingroom...wait...that doesn't help!

(Above) Josh deep in the canyon

(Above) me punching a fun hole

Stay posted for a helmet cam video....


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