Sunday, May 03, 2009

Escalante Creek, CO

What's up ladiesloungers!! Hope all is well and everyone is enjoying spring. Darin and I loaded up the Subaru full of dogs, gear and food on our way to Escalante Creek. This beautiful creek snakes through sandstone making an incredible gorge with a handful of formidable rapids. The camping is amazing with all the amenities (BLM bathroom, shaded picnic area) all sitting on the rim of the lower gorge. The most visable rapid from camp is escalante falls but you can see 57 chevy and the lead in to magnetic wall. Saturday we scouted and the fin was totally under making the level on the high side of good. Darin and I put in with a group, but we were taking our time and scouting so it ended up being just the two of us. Couples creeking!! It is not often that it is just Darin and I alone, but sometimes it is fun. Cosmopolitan suggests it is good for relationships "to do things together", they may not mean class V creeking but it works for us. Leap of Faith is the first drop, its a 8 foot boof avoiding a rock below. It was super fun and I styled this one. The next big drop is Waterslide, there are two lines, one down the slide punching a tricky hole and avoiding a pothole eddy on the right. The next horizon lines were fun and led into a couple miles of super boogie with tons of blind corners, FU rocks and boofs. The next big drop I remember was Double Drop, the river constricts and the drop begins with a big boof over a ledge into some hustle to the next big boof. I loved my line here and felt like a queen sitting high in my Jefe in the first eddy after the drop looking back up at the accomplishment. Darin and I ended the day without heading into the lower gorge, but no regrets. Escalante has an extremely short boating season, but we look forward to doing it again, since its only about 2 hours from home sweet home Glenwood Springs.

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