Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Cascade Creeking Video

Here is a video I finally got put together of the Upper North Fork Tumalo Creek...It's a forty minute drive up into the mountains of Bend.  SO worth the off-roading and the area is beautiful.  LOTS of untouched creeking to be had.  Going to scope out more this summer...there's got to be more stuff above what we ran! The gradient on the topos shows 600 feet per mile!  Anyways,we are all very excited for the peak snowmelt.  Enjoy this taste of the Cascades creeking....

Upper North Fork Tumalo from Josh Mckeown on Vimeo.

Happy Paddling,


Anonymous said...

What was the date when you ran this. I noticed there wasn't any snow on the road. How long does this run during the summer?

Christina Russell said...

dear anonymous-

We ran this in July I think. It was 95 degrees. It wont run for long in the summer time but if you can catch it, it's sooo worth it! :) Let me know if you are interested in tagging along with us this summer :)