Saturday, February 07, 2009

Celestial Falls Part II

Hey everyone! Just got the photos from Tyler of Celestial Falls...
We had so much fun that day and hope to get back there sometime soon :)...maybe when the put in isn't completely covered in was scary slick!  If you head out there, be safe and have fun!

(Below) gearing up for a cold afternoon on the water
(Below) a rancher that lives across from the put-in...he was awesome
(Below) Me trying to not pee my pants...
(Below) HOO HAA Oregon Tuck! 
(Below) trying to felt like I got kicked by a horse!  I think I probably should have tucked a bit more :)
(Below) Christie's sequential shot...

(Below) Josh had a crazy line!
(Below) The yard sale...Josh got ejected and tore his PCL :(
(Below) a neat time lapse shot of the exit drop
(Below) Look at that helmet hair! :P
(Below) Josh scouting the drop of the lower gorge.  His knee was killing him so he wasn't feeling his best :(  Send him good ju ju!
(Below) Tyler had fun with time lapse shots...beautiful place for sure

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