Monday, March 30, 2009

West Coast Slalom Junior Olympics Qualifier

Riverhouse Rendevous Race (AKA West Cost Junior Olympics Qualifier for Slalom) Went to the race yesterday to take some shots of the dedicated racers. It wasn't over 30 degrees and the winds were kickin' up at about 25 miles per hour! BRR! We had icicles dangling from the gates which were looking like whirlwinds of death. scary. Needless to say, we had a great turn out! 25 racers!  
The course had roughly 6 upstream gates and 12 downstream.  I have to say, this course looked tough.  Some difficult gates in there for sure.  Props to everyone for braving the cold and racing!
(Below) Alta enjoying the breeze
(Below) Mariah enjoying the course :)
(Below) Mariah stylin the gates
(Below) previous US Slalom Team member
(below) Mike Stahley charging the lower gates
(Below) Joyce Stahley making it look easy
(Below) Geoff Frank of Aldercreek 
(Below) Rick Wright looking ahead...

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