Sunday, December 07, 2008

Weekend Before Final Exams

Hey there people!  It's that time of year again- finals week!  I have two final exams coming up tomorrow- 1 Anatomy and Physiology exam and 1 Biology exam.  Both are comprehensive with LOTS of material but Im feeling pretty good about them.  Almost done!  This December looks like it will be a fun one- possible trips to the Olympic National Park, kayaking in Hood River/Portland area, surfing at the Florence Jetty, and even a little trip to San Francisco :) WOO HOO!  
This last weekend, Josh and I headed to Portland to visit a friend and paddle on the Green Truss in Hood River.  On  the way to Portland, we stopped to check out the supposed class 5 drop that is only present when the resevoir is next to dry.  Turns out, it was a class 4 boof with a nice slide- maybe we will hit it up next time but we were eager to get to P town.

Got to Portland and decided to check out a nursing school I applied to....U of P.  Right now Im just waiting for my application to be processed and hopefully I will get in :)  If so, Josh and I like the area a LOT- great thai food, quiet area, and easy access to the highway.  Definitely stoked for the move.  Anyways, moving on...

The party in P town kept us up late but we were still ready for a nice day on the Truss.  Unfortunately for us, most of Hood River was up even later partying till around 5 am so getting a hold of people that were AWAKE took a while!  Eventually we decided to head to the take out to see if anyone was there.  Lucky us- we found five people ready to go :)

The level was pretty low- 1.49 feet which meant just about everything was a go. Big Brother was just about as clean as it gets, double drop is very steep but not sticky, and BZ is very very flushy.  Put on the rio around 1 ish and it took us three hours to make it down.  Good thing we got off when it did cuz it was getting dark.

I only got a couple pics in cuz it was so cold and we were a bit short on time....

Josh on Big Brother

Check back soon for more posts from Christmas Break! YEAH!  Stay warm and cozy out your drysuit :)

HAppy Paddling,


Anonymous said...

What reservoir/river was that?

Corey Morton said...

If that's Detroit res. the drop your probably talking about would still be under water. I've got pics of the ugly thing. When I was up there several years back with the reservoir was bone dry. Something like a 8' tall 8' wide lowhead. I'll send ya pic of the drop I'm thinking of.

Glad ya had fun on the Truss while out here.

Christina Russell said...

nah this is the onethe we were thinking of...Im sure there are other drops but this is the one that the Eugene/BEnd crews always glance back at as we drive by...looks like a fun drop tho...a lot of hiking for a little drop tho... :)