Monday, November 03, 2008

Green Race 2008

Another year, another Green Race. This year was a pretty monumental year, one because the Dagger Green Boat came out for sale, and team paddler (for Liquid Logic) Tommy Hilleke was not able to come out because his wife was too busy having (or trying to have) their third child. My mom hiked in to watch (just like she always does) and this is just a fraction of the spectators that were out there.
The Green Race is known around the world for being one of the most intense downriver races. This year, however, had a different factor, low water. All the rapids are still good to go, but Gorilla gets scary, its shallow in the landing and there is a breaking wave at the top instead of a nice launch pad. Thankfully this year went on without anyone even running Gorilla upside down, and no injury at all. We did have some interesting lines from some well known names but all went without a hitch.
Photos by:Mike Cochran
See my head up there? Whoa!
Pat Keller won Long boat, Eric Deguil (FR) won Ironman, and Myself and Laura Ferrill tied for first in the womens division.
Busting through the pad, full speed ahead!
This race was the 13th Annual Green Race heald in Saluda North Carolina. Average times are about 5:10. Gorilla isn't the only rapid that racers have to style, there are more called: Frankenstein, Whale Tail, Boof or Consequence, Go Left and Die, Zwicks Backender, Chiefs, Flying Squirrel, Scream Machine, Neices Pices, Power Slide, and Rapid Transit. Gorilla sits right in the middle of all the action.

Doin the Shane Benedict, low water Gorilla, movin that elbow away from the veil.
Happy to have my face intact, shoulders where they are supposed to be and boat in one piece. Thanks to all my sponsors: Liquid Logic, Shred Ready, IR, and Astral I couldn't do any of this stuff without your help!
Till next time, Happy Paddling and pray for rain!!

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