Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Mexico 2008 Day 1 and 2

Why hello there interested readers. Here I am (Adriene) in Mexico. Myself and four other bored river kayakers decided that it was time to get out of the southeast (cause it was cold and there was nothing running) so we drove south, pretty much on a whim. The first river that we hit was the Salto. We were all in need of some water and whitewater boat riding was first on the list.
Does this drop look familiar to anyone? It is the take out to the Salto and its the waterfall that Tao Berman ran on Stunt Junkies. When we were there, the water was a little high, and none of us wanted to fire it off first and get hurt for the rest of the trip, so we all (pretty proudly) walked away from it.
This is the same waterfall just from river left, next to the road. This is the only really big drop on the Salto run, it's like a 20 foot boof into a really nice soft landing at the bottom. That's Jake Greenbaum stylin it dirty style.The cool thing about this river is the travertine rock beds that the water flows through. Kayak plastic really sticks to it, pretty well. Thats a nice little eight foot boof that for me was more like a seal launch because I went in a spot that was a little too shallow to paddle over.....oops.This rapid was the only rapid that really had a move on it. It was a sweet eight foot boof into a slide that ended on the right side of the picture. Very pretty in there, very pretty.Have you ever heard of synchronized kayaking? Well neither had I until this day, when (named from left to right) Davis Gove, Adam Bixby, and Jake Greenbaum decided to all boof at the same time. Good timing kids. Jake called this drop the Aquarium Drop cause if a fish swam over it, you could see it like you were looking through glass in an aquarium, get it? Pretty sweet eh?So the next day we headed an hour over to the Micos river. This drop is the put-in drop. What a way to start your day right? So we had seen video of people running the left side of this drop but we had a little more water this day so we were checkin out the right side. A nice 15 foot slide into about a 45 foot vertical drop. Adam and I fired it off, Adam boofed it (ouchy) and broke his paddle, I went ass over tea-kettle, landed on my head, and ejected out of my boat....oops again. Oh well at least it was warm out and warm water. Jake at the put in, we were all in awe at this point.Hes such a handsome man, Davis Gove ladies and gentlemen!Thats me! At the top of about a 20 foot plugger far on the right side of the river. Fun drop for sure.Davis stylin some random drop on the Micos, pretty much the style of the day, boof and rally! At the end of the day, Adam and I were a little sore, I had a few bruises on my legs but all in all we had a great day. I gotta thank the people in my life that make trips like this possible, like my MOM! Shane and Woody at Liquid Logic (thanks for the Jefe!) Yonton at Astral for makin such a darn comfy lifejacket, Tom and Patrick at Shred Ready for the full coverage of the TDUB, Danny at Werner for loanin me a paddle at the last second, and Roger at IR for,,,, well just bein Roger!

Thanks everyone for a great trip! I will check back in a few days with some sick pics of the Alseseca! Stay warm and happy paddling.....oh yea and Happy Chrismahaunaquanza! Cant leave anyone out! Peace and love

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"Stylin it dirty style"-uh ya

"Handsome man"-disturbing

"Aquarium"-everyone calls it that not just jake.