Wednesday, August 15, 2007

On the road to the OR show

By: Kim and Christina Russell

When we first heard about the OR Show, we were stoked. The day was set, leave on the 5th, a Sunday, drive through Idaho, and arrive in SLC the afternoon of the 6the, a Monday.

On the way, we figured we would go with the flow, get in some paddling, and check out the scenery.


On Sunday, we ended up making fairly good time, leaving our house at 9:00 and getting to Idaho around 4:30, where we decided to hit up the Gutter, in Horseshoe Bend, Idaho.

Before we made it to the Gutter, we saw this sign for a car wash...specifically the Car Tub. Isnt that awesome :)Photo by: Christina

The Gutter is basically a canal with three different playspots that each come in at different water levels. There is the top ledge, which turns into a glassy wave, the middle ledge which is a wave/hole, and the lower ledge, which is a shallow hole. Usually, there are a fair amount of kayakers, out there, from newbie to pros, going big. Over the past few years, however, The Gutter has turned into somewhat of a boogie-board hang out.
We had gotten some beta from local paddler, Mike Leeds that it might be hectic, but as long as we stuck to our guns, we would be fine and could get in some good rides. Thanks Mike, you were right!

Ze boogy boarders....(above)

Christina flexing them thar guns (above)

When we arrived, the first thing we noticed were the twenty-five boogie boarders lined up to surf the hole, which so prompted Christina to say, “ Boogie boarding is great and all… but maybe once a year.” Haha. Can’t you tell we were stoked to paddle with them? Anyway, today the lower hole was in and let me say, it was VERY Shallow. Things started off with me dropping into the hole, but getting snaked by a boogie-boarder. Ouch! A few minutes later, Christina dropped in, threw an end, hit the bottom and flushed. Once again, tis’ shallow. The evening went on with us alternating with the boogie-boarders for a ride int eh hole. Despite the warnings from Leeds about territorial boarders, they were respectful, and we had no problems. It actually looked kind of fun!

Photo By: Christina

(Note: if you get out on the opposite side of the river than where you park your car, there is a bunch of broken glass. Watch your feet!)

After about an hour or so, we got tired of bashing our feet into the cement, and opted for a flatwater workout under the dark sky.

About 6:30, it was obvious a big storm was moving in as the wind picked up and surrounded the Gutter in a dust storm. This made loading the car up quite difficult as we were getting sandblasted while trying ot get into our car, of which you can’t open the rear door from the outside. SWEET!

This was also were we had an epiphany: our car wasn’t disorganized; it just had stuff all over the place (yes, that actually came out of my mouth).

While changing, butts were sandblasted, eyes were welded shut, and puppy dogs in pfd’s were seen running around the dirt lot.

Once changed, we headed to Boise for some Thai food, successfully navigating the bizarre street layout, and had a dinner of epic proportions: Drunken Noodles and Thai Basil Tofu. Go Veggies!

After wandering around for a few, we headed to camp at Bruneau Dunes State Park about 60 miles SW of Boise. Christina had heard from previously fellow classmates at Albertson College of Idaho that the area was pretty sweet. We figured we might as well check it out. We arrived at 10:30pm and couldn’t see anything around us, but figured the sunrise would be beautiful.

We made a plan to wake up in the morning and hike the sand dunes before sunrise. We’ll see what happens.


Photo by: Christina

We woke up at 5:30 am, just before sunrise, packed up camp, and headed down the road to the biggest sand dune of all that was 450 feet high. After kidding around the night before about how small a dune it was, this morning, we decided it was actually too big to hike in the time we had. We settled on a nice compact mound we named Wilma.

(above) Christina springin' around...way too much energy at 6 am!

It took about 2 minutes to get to the top and was probably about seventy feet tall, plenty big for our viewing pleasures.

(above) Christina on the sand dune

The students at Albertson College of Idaho were right: the area was beautiful.

Back on the road, we remembered our friend Adam Craig mentioning Malad State Park being pretty cool, so we made a quick stop to check out Devil’s Washbowl, a 60 ft waterfall at the head of the gorge.

So was the cornfield down the road…

(above) Oooo look a scene from Signs

(above) kim and the corn...don't ever leave her alone with corn!
Right now, It’s 9am and we’re starving. Our lives revolve around food. ARG! WE NEED FOOD!

Back at it, we stopped at a Winco and proceeded to wander around for a good twenty minutes finding food for breakfast. Did you know they have a sign over an aisle pointing you to bleach? Ya. Weird.

At about this time we discovered the country music file on my MP3 player, and a two hours later, we arrived in Salt Lake City to a super-ghetto motel. Pretty sure there was a full sized construction nail right next to the quarter of a bar of soap at the sink in the bathroom with half-painted walls. And, there’s lattice by the sink. YES!

Off to the pool!

Check back tomorrow for updates from the first day of the Outdoor Show: the demo at Pineview Reservoir!

Christina and Kim

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