Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Tuesday/Wednesday at the Lake

By: Christina Russell

Today was a very very warm felt like 100 outside and let me just say that whitey got a sunburn...ouch! I even marinated in several coats of sunscreen...but to no avail. :( All of team Voz was working hard at our boothe and the company was very well recieved WOO HOO! I ventured down to the Liquidlogic boothe around 2 and met Woody for the first time....he's friggin awesome! He said he was going to rap for me but he was stolen by some retailers.... next time Woody.
Above- L to R: Kim, me, Woody

One of the coolest parts of the entire day was getting out on the stand up surfboards...Kim, Nadia, and myself all on one board....twas very very fun :) I have to say the board was a bit unstable but it did pretty well considering.

Above: Nadia workin' the boothe

behold- LOTS of flatwater boats

The event wrapped up around 3 on both days and after loading the vehicles with goodies from the boothe, Kim and I went on a photo shoot with Sam Drevo for Voz. I've never been in a speedboat before and all Sam told us was that we would get wet.....ok sounds good to me.

We headed out on a very glitzy boat with a SWEET soundsystem and Sam told us what we were gonna do- wake surf. Not wakeboard, not waterski, but wake SURF- on a real surfboard. I myself have never done any of the above so this was my first time out.

Nadia and I chillin' before the photo shoot...

The key I found was to relax your legs while you are waiting in the water and then let the boat pull you up. I biffed it a few times before standing and taking a surf. It was so fun and not too hard once you were standing up. :)

Above- Nadia shralpin' the gnar :D

Above- Me learning how to stand up

Above- ....and sort of makin' it

Our lake demo was officially over when we finished the shoot and so, after looking for Todd's lost smell phone on the beach, we headed back to Salt Lake City where we had four days of indoor demos.

Check out pics from the boothe on the next post!

Happy Paddling,

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