Tuesday, July 31, 2007


By: Christina Russell
Date: August 1,2007

Today I headed out to the ditch...I would tell you where it is...but then I'd have to kill you. So unless you come out here, this place must remain a secret :D

The flow sat at about 440 cfs...which is PRIMO. You don't (usually) hit the rock in the hole or get your paddle wedged in there. Big loops, pretty sticky, and deep-perfect.

Today I worked on LOTS of Space Godzillas and took LOTS of new photos with my new camera! WOO HOOO! (Note* the images are much sharper than they were before- I invested in a SD1000 by Canon)

About halfway through the session a man appeared who I thought to be the canal manager....hmmmm. He flagged me over and I was pretty sure Iwould be kicked out. much to my surprise he was NOT the canal manager and I got to stick around till my elbows crapped out on me.

Workin' on some 'wheels.......

Overall the session was pretty sweet and Im VERY happy with the new camera :) Hooray for Costco and discounts!

Happy Paddling gals (and guys ;D )
Christina Russell


Ryan said...

Driving time from the hermiston area? Meeting up for this spot might be an option for me in a week or two.

Christina Russell said...

hmmmmmm it's about 20 minutes from Bend, Oregon......