Saturday, August 08, 2009

Jefe on Lava Island Falls

After work, Josh and I like to head up to Lava Island for a quick paddle and decompress from work. Here is a video shot with my helmet cam on one particularly nice day. The paddler is Josh Mckeown...he had the right helmet with the helmet mount that day so for now, here is Lava Island Falls...from Josh's perspective. Look for me in the background when Josh looks back to make sure I'm still in my boat :)

Some background: Lava Island is a quick mile long run with sweet, twisty-technical drops. As flows fluctuate, so does the difficulty. At the very high flow of 2165, it's a solid class V+ run. This happened to be the highest levels I have ever had the pleasure of running it at, and also one of the highest flows we Bendites have ever seen on the Deschutes! I'm lucky to have gotten on it! :D Hope you enjoy the video and if you ever come out to Bend to paddle, be safe out there and watch out for that good ol' lava rock!

Hope you all are gettin' out there!
-Christina Russell

Musical credits go to: The Asteroids Galaxy Tour "Around the Bend"

Lava Island Falls 2160cfs Headcam from Josh Mckeown on Vimeo.


Anonymous said...

Beautiful footage, crazy how the bill of your helmet stays still the whole time...perspective. What kind of camera did you use for this?

Christina Russell said...

a Go Pro helmet cam. Can't say enough good things about it! :)