Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Day 4 on the Rogue River with my Biscuit 45

Day 4 on the River

We woke up the next morning to clear skys and a light breeze. There were NO, I repeat, NO mosquitos yet and we sure enjoyed it. I got up early and had a cup of coffee with Debbie. Nothing beats hot coffee on the river. Slowly but surely, everyone crawled out of their tombs from the previous night and got things packed up for a full day on the river. we planned to do roughly 8 miles and just take the first good sight we could find.

After about an hour on the river, the wind really got going. It was blowing us upstream quickly if we didn't paddle. On the way down the river, we stopped at one of the famous jump rocks that Josh and his friends used to play at. Unfortunatley , it wasnt as warm as it usually is on the Rogue. BRRR! We will return when it's warmer! YES!

(beow) Our bug tent ...can you say PERFECT site?
(Below) Me enjoying some of the flatwater....
(Below) Kellie and Tyler in their cute, but masculine, raft ;)
(Below) eh he he he
(Below) our picturesque lunch break spot
(Below) the jump rock- twas cold water!
(Below) we were one awesome "herd" :)
After about six hours on the river, we found a great campsite on river left. Josh isnt sure what the name of the campsite is but it was a pretty sweet one. However, Josh and Kellie couldn't figure out why they hadnt camp there previously. We quickly learned why. The sun didn't set until 9:30 ish and until then, we were baking on sand. Ugh.

Josh found a shaded spot up in the trees where we enjoyed our dinner and gradually migrated back down to chill on the cool sand. Thanks to Tyler, we even had a fire.

check back soon for the final update...

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