Monday, June 30, 2008

Holy Idaho! Part 2 East Fork South Fork

This was what the scene looked like at the campsite that we took over when we rolled into the ever popular Yellow Pine Idaho to run the East Fork of the South Fork of the Salmon. Gear hanging everywhere, people sprawled on the ground, trucks with feet hanging out the back. It was a great scene to be a part of. The last post was all about kayaking, this post is all about our nightlife and some kayaking in there.

But first off Tristan needed to show me his killer, really colorful, shoes. Notice he is wearing an IR union suit, that was all he was wearing, it was an amazing look for him.

This is what I thought of his shoes, of Yellow Pine, and of the river that we were paddling on. The East Fork South Fork is an amazing river, constant class four with one class five. There are holes to avoid and holes to get worked in. I learned to not follow Tristan very quickly and I learned to take my own lines when everyone else was getting trundled somewhere on the run. It is all roadside so pretty easy to scout but a great run and fully worth the drive into the middle of no where for a few days.

This is the only shot that I got of kayaking all day long. At least it wasn't raining on us...right?

When we were done enjoying ourselves on the river we all started playing with my camera and this is what turned out. Good ole Ryan Caseys boat that was somehow in focus while everything else was blurry, its MAGIC!!!

Jon Grace found humor in my midgetness and thought that it was funny to take a picture of Ryan who is 6 foot 8 inches and myself who is 5 foot 2 inches. I'm not embarrassed about my height I like being short, it means I can fit in smaller boats, sleep in cars, and it gives me a reason to climb on the counters at my grandmas' house.

The Liquid Logic/TDUB crew kicken it at the takeout. Ryan Casey, Myself, Jon Grace, and Freddy Corriell.

Just to give ya'll an idea as to what Yellow Pine is like. Max population thirty counting the dogs and the cats. One bar, one store, and even an 18 hole golf course.

When I think of golf, I think of green rolling hills, short skirts, preppy people, and a lot of sunscreen. This is a different type of golf, there are no rolling hills other than the mountains surrounding us, no short skirts unless you counted our spray skirts, the preppy people didn't seem to be around, and sunscreen was not needed due to the mass amount of trees that were scattered around the green.

I found out three things while playing golf; Ryan Casey has immaculate aim, Tristan is good at straight lining balls, and I can't hit the broad side of a fricken barn with any sort of ball. It was an odd time golfing with a bunch of guys who are all solid kayakers and some of them really sucked, including myself, I will say that with pride. I am no good at golf.
I did catch Grace in some shenanigans behind the tree with the dog Hailey, I really don't know what he was doing but I liked this picture.
To make a very long drawn out story a little shorter we dropped all of our clubs and balls back at the store in Yellow Pine and Pat (pictured above) wanted to have just one drink, it was his birthday so we had no choice. Well, we ended up having more than one drink, as kayakers do oh so many times, and somehow ended up singing karaoke in front of all of Yellow Pine. It was amazing stardom! We even got salt shakers thrown at us. Pictured above Pat is trying to teach Tristan to dance, but he failed miserably, sadly. We had a late night but still got up in the morning to run the river one last time before we had to roll back to civilization.

Hope everyone is having a great summer, I know I am. Ciao from the middle of nowhere.

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