Monday, June 30, 2008

Holy Idaho! Part 1 South Fork of Salmon

The massive RV that belongs to Woody picked me (Adriene) up in Boise, with Jon Grace in tow. We were going north, to Cascade. We met up with Tristan McClaren, Jesse Murphey, Ryan Casey, and Fred Corriell. I was going on my first overnighter apparently. We parted with Woody and drove to the put in to the South Fork of the Salmon at 7.5 feet.
I got a perty new shiny kayak made perfectly for over nighters, it is called the JEFE!!! Since this was my first over nighter I only had two dry bags, no tent, a big sleeping bag that wasn't even mine, and no water source or food at all. Good thing that Grace was with me otherwise I would have gone hungry. In the morning we met up with three McCall locals Jared Alexander, Dave Simonitas, and Tor Anderson. The crew getting ready to take off on the South Fork at high water, fired up!
The first big rapid that we got to was called Devils Creek, it was all I had heard about all day. There is no way to show how big these rapids really are, they are just huge, going up one wave and hoping that you are going to make it down the other side without getting trashed.
I have no clue what the name of this rapid is but Ryan Casey (who is 6 foot 8 inches tall) is in the front and I am following, it wasn't really following, it was more flailing but we all made it.........
One right after another, just like little lemmings all having a great time bouncing down the river. We spent the night on the side of the river, of course, made some dried potatoes (we were in Idaho), drank some whiskey, and went to bed. We had a big day in the morning with a twenty mile paddle out and the biggest baddest rapid on the river. Jon Grace doing what he does best, looking up stream at the biggest longest rapid of the whole trip. Representing Shred Ready and TDUB!
After a good nights rest and dry gear we were all ready to rally. This is the last rapid of the day before the South Fork meets up with the Main Salmon. Tristan McClaren is dropping into the last huge part of the rapid and hes all alone. All in all this was a great over nighter to do and if anyone ever gets a chance to do this at high water, its a one time experience!!

Whew! I was fired up after that trip, first two days in Idaho and already the biggest water I had ever seen in my life. Over and out for now until the next epic in Idaho.

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