Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Second Descent of Kenobi Gorge

Hood River, Oregon

May, 2007:

Todd and I scouting Sarlacc Falls (Photo by: Erik Boomer)

What do you do when school is almost out and you are dying to go creeking?! You go to Hood River!

A few weeks ago, Todd Baker and I were able to get out and do just that. Check it out!



After a long night dreaming of all the super gnarly awesome drops to be run in Hood River, we woke up pretty early and hit the road.

On the way out, we decided to find the "Big-Shit" wave, a pretty trashy shallow, but epic wave (for Bend, Oregon) found in a local canal, that, let it be known is pretty hard to find, at least taking the back road. After getting lost for about an hour, taking super random detours, and discovering the meaning behind the sign, "Airport-Next Right," which really meant that the airport was NOT the next right (they lied!), we made it to the canal.

After all the detours, we never did find the "Big-Shit" wave, but we did find a small, semi-steep wave that we played on for a few hours. Sweet!


Todd Baker, Erik Boomer, and Ryan Scott scouting Sarlacc Falls (Photo by: Kim Russell)

We met up with Lana Young and Ryan Scott (crgkayaking.blogspot.com), Erik Boomer, and Keel Brightman to make the second descent of Kenobi Gorge located on Little Goose Creek in the Columbia River Gorge, Washington. It's a pretty rad creek with everything from manky boulder gardens to forty-foot waterfalls. The gorge itself is beautiful with its basalt walls, freshwater springs, and old-growth cedars and pines.

(Photo by: Kim Russell)

This day, Todd Baker, Erik Boomer and Keel Brightman were the only ones to run it....

The forty foot "Kessel Run" slide at the put-in for the Gorge (Photo by: Kim Russell)

Erik Boomer lining up (Photo by: Kim Russell)

Todd Baker givin er' (Photo by: Kim Russell)

Ryan Scott (Photo by: Kim Russell)

Sarlacc Falls (Photo by: Kim Russell)

Todd Baker dropping Sarlacc Falls (Photo by Kim Russell)

Erik Boomer huckin' Sarlacc (Photo by: Kim Russell)

The boys: L to R: Erik, Todd and Keel (Photo by: Kim Russell)

Check back for pictures from Sunday's trip down the Green Truss of the White Salmon River,Wa at 4.0 feet!


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