Saturday, June 23, 2007

Back to Area 51...

June 18, 2007:

Earlier this week before I came down with a super gnarly cold thing that put me in bed for three days straight.... Adam Craig and I were able to sesh a bit at Area 51. We even saw some aliens while we were out there. They specifically requested their photos not to be posted. Sorry folks!

After laying in the sun for an hour or so, and confusing ourselves with cloud shapes (there was totally an elephant up there), we made it into the water.

Beach balls are rad. (Photo by: Adam Craig)

Adam throwin' his Ronin 59 (Photo by: Kim Russell)

Looping the Pocket Rocket (Photo by: Adam Craig)

(Photo by: Adam Craig)

(Photo by: Adam Craig)

Carthweelin' (Photo by: Kim Russell)

Pepper dog on another drive out to 51. (Photo by: Kim Russell)

Cartwheelin' (Photo by: Adam Craig)

Setting up... (Photo by: Kim Russell)

Sweet! (Photo by: Kim Russell)

As if one hour in the sun wasn't enough, we proceeded to burn ourselves to a nice shade of pink over the course of the next few hours. hahaha. We definetly looked like Neapolitan ice cream people.



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