Thursday, January 18, 2007

Riverhouse Dam at 950 cfs!

Here's some video of the put-in dam on the Riverhouse run on the Deschutes River. The run itself is about 6 miles long with some cool Class IV pool-drop rapids. Unlike the upper section of the Deschutes in Bend (Benham Falls, Dillon Falls, and Meadow Camp) this section had much less exposed lava rock and people like to think it’s less harsh on the boats, Bodies too….

Back to the video... the dam is about 30 ft, and usually run on river right. This time, the water was up enough that the right side created a river-wide super sticky super gnarly hold you for a long time HOLE. We decided to run instead along the bank between a downed tree on the right and a boulder on the left and save ourselves from the trash-factor. The dam itself seems to be angled towads the left bank, so dropping in you have to move maybe two feet farther right than you should if you want to end up in the right spot by the bottom. Def. interesting lining up, but it's fun. And you should do it. Cuz it's fun. :)

Kim and Christina running the Riverhouse Dam...

(Footage shot by: Josh Mckeown)

Here are some more photos from a recent Riverhouse Run in about 12 degrees. Due to the amount of after-school runs Christina and I are doing on this section, we aren't posting a blog everytime, but here are some cool photos of the cold...haha.


Fuzzy socks pretty much ROCK

Our straps were frozen and we couldn't get our pfd's off!

Even more ice..... (The ice went about 8 inches below the surface!)

Josh Mckeown and his icicles! (All Photos by Kim Russell)

Hope everyone is staying warm!

Kimberly Russell

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