Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Dillon Falls Video and Pictures!

Here's some more photos from our Dillon Falls to Bend trip last week. Hope you enjoy!

Dillon Falls - Christina (Footage By: Josh McKeown)

Dillon Falls - Kim (Footage by Josh McKeown)

Here's some cool sequence shots (All taken by: Pete Erickson, The Bulletin, Photographer)

Christina in her Huck (left) and me in my Vision 44 (right)

Adam Craig in his Ronin 59 (Below)

John Cramp in his Pop (left) and Josh McKeown in his Jefe (right)


Singin' to Cher at the put-in

Most of the crew scouting Dillon Falls (From Left to Right: John Cramp, Christina Russell, Kim Russell)

Awesome lighting at the put-in

John Cramp scouting from the top

Dill Hole (the super sticky hole below the drop)- Taken by Kim Russell in the summer

Kim Russell

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