Tuesday, January 04, 2011

Copper Creek for Christmas

This post is a bit delayed as I was on my Christmas vacation. :) Just before I left pdx for the holidays in Bend, I headed to Copper Creek with friends. It was a tad low but defiinitely runnable. I believe it was 30 degrees out....brr! I was totally prepared for the day with my Santa hat and lucky Christmas socks. Knee high red and green sparkle socks just complete the kayaking ensemble. ;) Besides, there is nothing better than bringing the Christmas cheer to the river!

When we got to our first bridge on the way to the put-in, we were blocked off by what looked like a cement truck....nope. It was a truck dumping dead Salmon in to the EF Lewis. They said they were "returning them to nature" but it still seemed pretty polluting...especially when we paddled past the hundreds of fish stuck high in the trees from previously higher flows. BUT nevertheless, it was entertaining and an interesting way to start our day :)

(Below) Wait...those aren't LIVE salmon :( Awww I'm sad.
(Below) putting in...very carefully...things were pretty icy
(Below) Scouting Big Falls
(Below) I pulled out the camera quickly to capture the third ledge of the Final Five...which is difficult to get good shots of....
(Below) Me running Horseshoe
(Below) Mister Josh on Horseshoe
Sooo pretty....I never want to leave...and then I think of the warm and fuzzy clothes waiting for me in the car and getting dry sounds good!

Here is the video we put together of the day....it was a great day on the water....next time, however, I will actually take a stroke on the third ledge of the final five ha ha. I was definitely a bit too relaxed!

Hope everyone has a Happy New Year and makes 2011 the best yet! :)
Happy Paddling as Always,

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