Friday, December 10, 2010

Tis the Season for Kayaking!

Behold! My BEAutiful Christmas tree. I'm particularly fond of this one as the bubble lights are on and working. :) You can't have a Christmas tree without the bubble lights. You also can't have winter without the paddling...or gingerbread cookies (but I'm behind on the cookies).

Last week I headed on up to the East Fork of the Lewis River for some fun in the Yep. It's the Pacific Northwest and in the winter, it rains everyday. WOO HOO! This means that although we all look like we haven't seen sun in years, we have SWEET paddling...everywhere. Anywho, last week I drove up to the EF for some good ol' class 4,4+. We were hoping that flows would stay high enough to run Copper Creek to EF but they dropped off too fast. BUt EF still seemed like a good idea. The flow was about 1600 cfs which meant that the gorge would be fun for sure and last time I ran this, I didn't get to run Horseshoe Falls...I have a bad habit of breaking things and that time, I broke my fingers :( (Not pottery class for weeks). Here is a vid that Josh put together since the helmet cam was firmly mounted on his noggin. Enjoy! :)

East Fork Lewis River, Washington from Josh Mckeown on Vimeo.

(Below) Das put-in
(Below) a pretty fuzzy photo of Sunset Falls thanks to the mist
(Below) Me catching my boat as it attempted to run the falls without embarrassing BAHAHA
(Below) Me on Horseshoe Falls
(Below) Just had to post this...pretty shot
(Below) Chris at the bottom
This is my "dead week" which we all know isn't really "dead". I still had class and am studying my bum off for finals on Monday. BUT, I can be excited because on Tuesday and Wednesday I'm goin' boatin'! :D
Stay Moldy out there and don't forget to get some sun....
-Tina Tina Bo Bina

PS In the event of a spontaneous Monopoly game...I'm ready with ma money!

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