Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Green Race 2010

Photo by: Crystal Gustin

On November 6th 2010 the 15th Annual Green River Race began at high noon with Isaac Levinson leading the pack off the starting line due to injuries from Pat Keller and Andrew Holcombe. John Grace thought that it would be fitting that he put me in the pack with the boys since I did end up 17th last year tied with Brian Kirk. So with my number 18 bib and between Jules Campbell and Brian Kirk off I went. My whole family had hiked in this year which includes my mom, dad, my sister and her loving boyfriend. I was trying not to think about my line at gorilla with my family standing at the notch when I left the starting line at Frankenstein.

Photo by: Michael Hood

I had my boyfriend yelling at me from river left below Frankenstein, I was trying not to think about what he would think if I crashed during the race…. My long boat was doing some of the lines that I had trained it to do but had a few bobbles. Pacing is important in a 5 minute race. Coming through Go Left I heard people shouting my name and yelling to go faster, I tried. I came around the corner at Chief and attempted not to look at the crowd for my family, came through the notch with my eyes shut and took a deep breath. I happily bounced past speed trap with immense speed and was off to run the slides.

Photo by: Michael Hood

At the end of the race I was so happy to see the girls timing but I knew that I hadn't gone as fast as I could. At that point it was all up to the other girls and how fast they went. I began hiking up the trail to do my second run, I had pats on my back, people handing me hot chocolate, water, whiskey. I ran into my family at the notch and they were all ecstatic that I had made it through my first run still intact, now I just had to go do it all again in a short boat.

Photo by: Crystal Gustin

Rolling up in the Notch

Needless to say I was so happy when I got into my short boat and I was off racing again, going fast and taking chances. I knew at the end of this run I would be with my family and friends drinking a beer and watching all the rest of the racers come through. It was a huge day and a tad stressful until I heard the results during the party at Woodys after an awesome dinner by the twins. I had won the Green River Race again, bringing home a sweet piece of glass for the third year in a row.

Now we have 362 days till the next one! A huge thanks to all of my sponsors who I couldnt do it without, Liquid Logic, Werner Paddles, Shred Ready Helmets, Immersion Research, and Astral Buoyancy Company. More photos to come soon.

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