Monday, January 26, 2009

Hey everyone! The Kamchatka Project needs your help to get off the ground! Please check out the website for more information and enter the contest to win a pair of Rudy Project sunglasses! 

"The Kamchatka Peninsula in Eastern Siberia is one of the last truly wild places on Earth. It is a place wherebetween one sixth and one fourth of all salmon spawn, a place with some of the densest brown bear populations in the world, a place with no dams, no massive extractive resource operations, less than one person per square kilometer, and only one major highway on the 600-mile long peninsula. It is a place that is unexplored, a place that is worth saving and a place that needs attention now. "
"A team of expert expedition kayakers will attempt source to sea first descents of the lllmahaka and Kapaza Rivers in an effort to help further a salmon stronghold in Kamchatka. Exploring by kayak will lead the team directly to the salmon, conservation issues and the cultures of northern Siberia."

Check it out and spread the word!

-Christina Russell

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