Thursday, September 25, 2008

Fall on the Ashlu

Following a couple days spent on the Callighan, Josh and I headed South to the Ashlu.  The Ashlu is the site of the new hydroelectric dam that will supposedly be done in the next year.  We were lucky enough to see it before things change....

We arrived on Wednesday morning in hopes that our third paddler would show and some new friends from Squamish would arrive for a run down the Box Canyon of the Ashlu and the Mine Section upstream.  Unfortunately,  our third paddler did not arrive which meant that running the Box was a little sketchy - Dan "from everywhere" arrived and was eager to hop on it, but since two of us had not been down it before, we were all a bit nervous with only three people.  Till next time Box! We will return.  Due to time restrictions, we hopped on the Mini Mine section for two laps- VERY quick laps.  It's a fun run with the final drop called Last Tango....super fun :)

Below- the put-in...note mini dam just upstream...this is where water will be pumped out and downstream to the hydroelectric site

Above-Me on the drop called Last Tango....a pretty beefy drop but eveything's got a somewhat sticky hole at the bottom :)

Stay tuned for photos of the Box Canyon of the Ashlu!

Happy Paddling,
Christina Russell

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Anonymous said...

Great writeup. Love the pix!