Saturday, August 16, 2008

Checkin in from the Czech

Greetings from Prague Czech Republic. Where the 2008 World Cup Freestlye Championships is well on the way. The buildings are all huge, and the hole is trashy. This is a three weekend competition. One in Prague, one in Augsburg Germany, and one in Thun Switzerland.

This is going to be short due to minor complications (I want to take a nap before I compete again tonite), so here is the run down. My first day in Prague, we had beautiful weather, 80 and really sunny, so we went to the zoo. Ill post about that later, it needs its own post, it was that cool.

It was like that for two days, untill Friday, when the skies opened up and it just started raining. Emily (Jackson) put it in good words, "When it gets cold, it gets really cold here." So raining and cold has been the thing for yesterday and today. Clay is just embracing the rain in this picture. Paddler: Dustin Urban, killing it in the hole as always. On day one of the competition, the Junior Men and Women went along with the Pro Men.
Eric Jackson is going into semi-finals sitting in first, Nick Troutman is right behind him in second. Clay Wright is holding down a strong fifth place, Dustin Urban is in eleventh, Jed Selby is in twelfth, and Stephen Wright jumped in there at seven-teenth. The US men killed the first round, 77 men competed and they cut to top 20.

Everyones gear is hanging up in the campground, and since its been raining for 48 hours its all soaking wet. Everything is damp, and the only warm thing is a sleeping bag. My mom took the following pictures and she didnt know that her camera was on blue mode, so they are all blue, oh well, better than no pictures at all right?I went into this competition with 30 other women from around the world with no expectations to get into the semi-finals. We had a good european night of drinking last night and Nicole Mansfield and I got into bed at 1 am. We both woke up at 7am to warm up. Mostly hungover, but still feeling strong.After my first ride in my first ever international competition I was very happy, I did air loops and even did a left cartwheel!! I knew that I did well when Clay looked at me from the judges stand and smiled. My last ride (of the two 45 second rides) I knew that I had to step it up to at least get in top ten. I felt good, strong, and on it. I was happy with my rides. My mom came in last night so I hung out with her untill they posted results. Nicole came up to me and told me that I got 3rd place overall. So I am competing again tonight in my nice little Vision 44 in the semi-finals where they will cut to five women.

Emily Jackson is in 1st, Ruth Gordon is in 5th place, and Jessie Stone got a strong 8th.
Are ya'll still with me on this? Its all complicated. Prague is a beautiful city, the water is really dirty and everyones been getting sick but other than that all is well. In the long run, Nadia, Nicole and myself are still looking for a ride to Germany!! So we made a sign and posted it up on the board.

Other than that over and out from Prague Czech Republic, where it rains and its cold. :-)

HAPPY PADDLING!!!! Will check back soon!!



Tom McKee said...

Nice work Adriene! Way to represent good ole' WCKA--

-Teacher Tom

Karl Geisel said...

Hey A - Got the news this morning! Enjoy the experience in between competing (and the getting sick part).

Karl G from GR

Anonymous said...

Good job A! Keep it up!
A Maude :)

Jon said...

From all at Bill and Paul's Congrats!

I put a link to your blog on the front page of the Bill and Paul's Website along with your mug. Keep us all updated and get your butt into the top 3! You know you can!


Anonymous said...

Hey A,

Sweet job!!