Sunday, September 30, 2007

Back to school and back to winter kayaking

We officially had our first snowfall here in central Oregon. Got a few inches of snow up in the mountains and it was COLD today. High of around 45 . tomorrow it's supposed to be cold again and rainy...yes! The rivers are coming back!!! My life is instantly better :D I've officially started my CNA class and will be working at the hospital...check the shift: monday wednesday friday 2pm -10pm wow. Then I have a literature class. Other than that Im trying to enjoy fall/winter :)

The other day I went up to Lava Island Falls for a nice morning run with John Cramp. The level was on the lower end ...1400 cfs but it's always fun. Today I went back out with Adam Craig for a Dillon Falls to Lava Falls evening run- just before the snow. Yes- I said snow. We are supposed to have some in Bend and I believe it. Rivers are coming in over in the Eugene area too so you know what that means....ROAD TRIP! :) I'll post some pics here soon but I didnt get any pics from today :( It was pouring rain and I didnt want to ruin my time!

Hope you guys are having a sweet time with the rain...oh and good luck to everyone with the Green Race! :D


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