Thursday, May 17, 2007

2007 Oregon River Games

Kim Russell on Canyon Creek, Washington © Lana Young Photography

2007 Oregon River Games:

Friday: Extreme Race on Canyon Creek, Washington

After school, I met up with the VOZ crew, Matt Salomon, Corey Volt and Todd Baker in Washington to settle in on Canyon Creek, Washington and get ready for the race. Wohoo!

With flows being super low, about 4 inches below the unit, the beat-down factor was pretty low, but the chunky gnarly sections were pretty chunky. Manky Chunky. Oh well. There was a pretty good turn out with about 62 paddlers showing up for the event. Everyone had a good time and made it through clean although there were some pin rumors goin' around. (I even had to drink some bootie juice for my first swim... ya!)

Over the course of the day, I think the weather went something like this: rain, sun, clouds, hail, rain, clouds, sun, sun, sun, rain, hail. It was pretty sweet. Especially when Trip Jennings and the Epicocity crew brought out the Red Bull. Yee-haw!


Men: 1st Tao Berman 3:12
2nd Josh Bechtel 3:21
3rd Andy Maser 3:22

Women: 1st Heather Herbeck 4:07
2nd Kristi Murrin 4:10
3rd Andrea Triplitt 4:15

Check out the pics...

The start
Photo by: "ICE"of Facelevel Riverboards

Todd Anderson dropping Big Falls, the start, on Canyon Creek, Washington
© Lana Young Photography

Tobey's: The normally portaged boulder garden mank below the double drop falls (super fun)
Photo by: "ICE" of Facelevel Riverboards

The finish below "Hammering Spot
Photo by: "ICE" of Facelevel Riverboards

Photo by: "ICE" of Facelevel Riverboards

Saturday: Bob's Hole Rodeo, Clackamas River, Oregon

Saturday turned out to be a bum day with water levels being not quite so good for a comp. We went to the hot springs instead. Mwuahaha!

Then I drank bootie juice (Photo by: Todd Baker)

and then we went climbing...

and THEN we made Mexican tofu! (Photo by: Kim Russell)

Sunday: Boatercross, Clackamas River, Oregon

Christina, Josh Bechtel and Rob Virostek duked it out with Matt Salomon, Corey Volt, Todd Baker and I unofficially racing with them to create distractions.... mwuahaha. It worked out nicely, with Corey gettin' worked in one hole, and Todd and Rob in another. Matt pulled off an unofficial second place starting from the top of the eddy, but technically it didn't count because he didn't sign up. Oopsies!


1. Josh Bechtel
2. Christina Russell
3. Rob Virostek

Photo By: Kim Russell

For more information on the event, check out:

See you on el riviero!


Photo by: Todd Baker

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