Tuesday, March 13, 2007

McKenzie River: Neil's Wave

This past week, Christina and I returned to the McKenzie River multiple times for some more play at Neils. Check out Christina's earlier blog for details about the area, but here are some photos from our most recent trips....

Clover Point, McKenzie River, OR (Photo By: Christina Russell)

Christina surfin' Neils (Photo By: Kim Russell)

Eddyflowers Josh and Kim

Lane Jacobs in his Vision 56 (Photo by: Kim Russell)

Kim at Neil's (Photo by: Christina Russell)
Josh McKeown bluntin' (Photo by: Christina Russell)

Clean Blunt: Lane Jacobs (Photo by: Kim Russell)

Eddyflowers EJ Etherington and Christina

One day she's going to bite her tongue doing this.... (Photo by: Josh McKeown)

More blunts.... (Photo by: Christina Russell)

Dun, Dun, Dun... CHRISTINA AT NEILS! (Photo by: Josh McKeown)

Josh Goin' for the backstab. (Photo by: Kim Russell)

Lane Jacobs (Photo by: Kim Russell)

Kim (Photo by: Christina Russell)

Christina: (Photo by: Kim Russell)

***We went BACK to Neils yesterday and got a ton of good stuff... heading back tomorrow too! More posts coming soon and the wave gets bigger and better!***

Kim Russell

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