Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Creek Boats to Me, Are Like Shoes

By Christie Dobson

I finally got it, a new Liquidlogic Jefe . I’ve been paddling a Java for about 4 years, and before that, a Pyranha Micro 240. In almost 8 years of kayaking, I’ve only paddled 3 creek boats. Jeezz, To get me out of a boat takes some effort, but usually if I like what I find – I don’t have regrets. My Jefe experience was just that.

The boys down on the Green Narrows constantly teased me about my beat up old faithful boat. Woody at Liquidlogic promised custom outfitting and some tips on way to make it fit just right. Finally my grab loop on the front of my Java gave way and I was declared ‘unsafe’ on the river. I ordered up a Jefe quickly and fixed the old boat just in case.

Creek boats to me are like shoes …once you find that special shoe, you never want to get rid of it, loose it or loan it out. They fit, they are comfortable, you know what to expect when cruising on pavement or trail. You do miles together, you have great experiences and big adventures, you are companions. Like shoes, I have a similar relationship with my creek boats.

The Jefe was super smooth and easy to paddle. Landing and boofing is soft and cushioned. The bow is my favorite feature, it easily clears holes and seems to be a better design for potential peton victims. It turns easy, it’s glides through the flat water, it stays on-line in the big rapids. The outfitting was simple to put together – the new adjustable hip pads should be patented quickly! No more losing my hip pads on I-26 or having to scream at the last person that paddled my boat and ripped them out.

I’d admit the other girls were right when they said I'd like the Jefe. It was like the pair of Steve Madden pumps the other girls raved about them, I got a pair and was hooked. If you were to compare the Jefe to a pair of shoes, they'd be like a pair of Uggs in the middle of a cold, wet NC winter – Something you just gotta have!

Off to the Green, 100% 7am – 5pm.
From the river (field),
Christie D.

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Heather "Maya" said...

I agree with you completely! I rode the Jefe in Colorado -on Bailey- and fell in love. It is really big for me (I`m only 5`2"), but it boofed like a dream. I am putting off buying it till I get back to the states and they release the smaller version.

PS If any of you ladies want to come and boat in Japan this summer -even though the water looks to be flowing on the low side- hit me up!