Sunday, April 17, 2005

The Chicks Checking out the Vision 44

We took off for Secret Spot the other day to get in some playboating. It was running somewhere around 2000 cfs. The weather was beautiful and the creeks were getting a little low so it seemed like the perfect day to dust off the playboating skills and check out the Vision 44.

At this leve you can do a bunch of different things. There are good blunts, and spins, and wheels, with the occassional loop and other random things thrown in. The Wave is well formed on the surfers left with a nice pile in the middle and a seam on the surfers right that is a little tight so it can be hard to do a bunch of moves there but the cartwheels go well right next to that seam.

The first thing that folks noticed about the 44 was how easy it was to paddle. Seemed forgiving yet performed very well even on a smaller feature like secret spot. Christie even came out of the water talking about how as she got used to the boat she actually felt like the edges made things easier. It was really cool to see the ladies figuring out the edges and useing them to carve around onthe wave. They all said that the extra speed was nice and that they actually had to get used to a faster boat.
Whitney busted out a sweet 5 point cartwheel and mentioned that it cartwheeled very smoothly. Overall very positive response to the new boat.

The team was made up of Christie Dobson, Whitney Lonsdale, and Maria Noakes. We stayed up there for a couple hours and we were completely exhausted after that. I think we are all going to be sore as hell tomorrow because we haven't used those playboating muscles in a while. Actually talked to Whit today and she said she could hardly move. Sometimes you forget how different the muscles are that you use from creeking.

This is also Biscuits first day at the river. It went over with mixed results. She is Whitney and Shane's dog. She did her first ferrys and she hung out on the rock for a while during the session.
Here is a video of the day. I hope you enjoy.
The Girls at Secret Spot

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